PerformrNomy Lamm, Root Experience, Scottee, Stacy Makishi and Steve Nice


Our new ‘art-cruising app’ has had several trips to the clinic since our last excursion, and it’s been given the all clear.  Try it out with us this weekend! 


Just download the app, and during showtime (Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th May from 12pm – 6pm) you can cruise our artists for a unique performance.

We have commissioned six brilliant artists to create specially crafted Performr experiences: Nomy LammRoot ExperienceScotteeStacy Makishi, and Steve Nice

If you have already downloaded the app, please uninstall it and then download it from the App Store or Google Play.


If you would like to experience Performr but do not have a smartphone, please email before 3pm on Friday 2nd May (for 3rd-4th performances) or Friday 23rd May (for 24th-25th performances) to arrange to borrow a smartphone from the Marlborough Theatre for a deposit.


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